Medical Logistic Solutions

As a leading national medical courier company, we combine process, technology and people as well as industry knowledge, strong relationships and specialized employee training to help our customers and partners achieve their patient care goals. Medical Logistic Solutions specializes in creating efficient same-day courier routes for the proper handling of laboratory specimens, organs, blood, pharmaceuticals, confidential records and other mission critical items. 

Scalable Medically Focused Courier Solutions

We have found that many of our customers need a scalable solution in same day logistics. Most accounts have a need for route based medically trained couriers that understand the unique needs in the medical industry.

Route Based/On Demand/Same Day Air & Central Supply

Our customers also routinely have a need for on demand or stat courier services in addition to route based couriers and they also have a need for the occasional same day air, next flight out shipment. Finally we often see a need for central stocking or central supply in which we can store product that an entire lab or hospital group may need in a central location. We can pull stock as needed from the central warehouse (link to locations map) and deliver these materials as needed to the hospital, labs or care facilities. This allows our customers to reduce inventory carry costs while improving overall service levels. It is also a variable cost model in which our customers only pay for the space they use, allowing them to flex up and down as needed to support the needs of their business. This model improves operating efficiency and drives costs down.