Our Customers

Medical Logistic Solutions provides delivery solutions to a full range of medical providers, from small rural clinics to large national laboratories. Our customers have come to view us as an extension of their services. We understand their special transportation requirements and focus on patient care.

Clinical Laboratories

Laboratories have very special delivery needs because their items can be time sensitive and need to be temperature controlled throughout the process. Our laboratory customers are confident that their specimens will arrive safely because our drivers have the training and are equipped with coolers, ice packs and dry ice to store items during transport.

  • Pick-up test samples from doctor offices, clinics, hospitals, that contract with that lab, and deliver them to the lab the same day.
  • Daily pick-ups occur as late in the day as possible so doctors can collect the samples throughout the work day. Deliveries are made in the evenings as a result and are processed overnight so that results can be available the next day for the sending doctors.
  • Create efficient routes and provide sufficient driver staffing for STAT needs.
  • Samples could be blood, urine, biopsies, micro-biology

For large national/regional laboratories, we can consolidate your out-sourced courier needs from potentially hundreds of independent local carriers to ONE vendor as a result of our National Service Area. Now you can depend on:

  • Standardized driver training
  • Standardized systems and processes
  • Standardized pricing you can rely on not to get gauged in a remote area
  • ONE dispatch phone number 24/7 (or use our website)
  • ONE invoice

We are confident that our knowledge of creating efficient route structures will allow us to timely and cost-effectively handle your needs.


We primarily assist hospitals with their outreach laboratories by developing an efficient network of routes to/from their facilities and surrounding doctors’ offices. Hospitals integrate multiple departments for maximum cost effectiveness and utilize this network to deliver inter-office mail, meds, light supplies, and patient confidential records. More importantly, Medical Logistic Solutions offers not only the in-town deliveries but can develop rural routes to the out-reach locations that in-house courier systems can’t handle cost effectively.

  • Laboratory Outreach Program
    • Hospital serves as a REFERENCE LAB when they extend their reach into their local communities to accept specimens from external doctors and clinics for processing and thus offers an alternative to the national clinical labs.
    • Hospitals leverage their positive image in their communities and among local doctors to grow their outreach programs but often lack the knowledge of how to cost-effectively implement and manage the supporting courier system and avoid associated pitfalls.
  • Multi-departmental, Inter-facility Deliveries
    • Transport pharmaceuticals, light supplies/equipment, inter-office mail and medical records between hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and doctor offices that are part of or associated with the hospital system

We typically can save a lab outreach program or hospital system15-20% on their budget for couriers by out-sourcing their in-house delivery operations due to our focus on this specific function AND we would hire your existing driver staff to maintain that continuity and relationships that they have developed with your clients.

We provide in-bound specimen pick up from 20+ clients located throughout Montana via a cost-effective state-wide, same-day courier network that we created to serve the specific needs of this client.

Public Health Departments

We are proud to support Public Health Laboratories in providing their essential role in surveillance of conditions of public health importance that threaten the health of our communities.

Medical Logistic Solutions has developed state-wide and regional routes for various Public Health Departments. By utilizing this system routinely, the infrastructure is in place for the rapid delivery of specimens should the need arise, such as with pandemic influenza testing.

We have been able to decrease the transit time for the delivery of routine specimens. In addition, these specimens are available for processing and testing earlier in the day, samples other than clinical specimens can be easily transported, and our local public health partners are extremely pleased to have this added service.

We can provide same-day, state-wide, timely and cost-effective delivery of specimens that assist in:

  • Monitoring the occurrence of reportable diseases
  • Confirmatory testing for clinical and environmental specimens
  • Water sample testing for private and public wells/treatment facilities
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Bio-terrorism

Many of the Public Health Departments are utilizing existing federal grant sources funded by two federal emergency preparedness cooperative agreements—Public Health Emergency Preparedness (CDC) and Hospital Preparedness (HRSA) to make utilizing Medical Logistic Solutions a cost effective solution for maintain this customer service driven laboratory service.

Veterans Administration Medical Centers (VAMC)

Similar to regular hospital chains VAMCs require an infrastructure to connect services and records. Medical Logistic Solutions is a service-disabled verteran-owned small business.

We currently provide laboratory courier services to/from CBOCs and their parent VAMC’s located in:

  • Augusta, GA
  • Battle Creek, MI
  • Big Spring, TX
  • Charleston, SC
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Cheyenne, WY
  • Chillicothe, OH
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Colchester, VT
  • Columbus, OH
  • Danville, IL
  • Dayton, OH
  • Denver, CO
  • Fayetteville, AR
  • Ft. Harrison, MT
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Murfreesboro, TN
  • Nashville, TN
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Poplar Bluffs, MO
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Sheridan, WY
  • Wilkes Barre, PA


Medical Logistic Solutions started in 1987 by delivering medications from independent pharmacies to elderly shut-ins at their homes.

  • Pharmacy Deliveries
    • From pharmacy to customers’ homes
    • From institutional pharmacy to Long-term care/nursing home and assisted-living care facility
    • From Wholesale pharmacy to retailer
    • From one pharmacy to another ex. hospital pharmacy “borrows” an item that they have run out of
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Deliveries
    • Very time-sensitive radioactive medicines that are used to treat cancer patients

Chain of Custody-Pickups

Before leaving the medical facility, the driver will inventory all controlled substances with the inventory list and sign for both controlled substances and regular medications. At the nursing home the driver will watch as the nurse inventories and signs for them. We will comply with the chain of custody procedures as outlined by DEA and client requirements.

Blood Banks

  • Transport blood from blood bank to hospital for routine scheduled restock and return of near-expiration blood
  • STAT delivery to hospital users when their initial stock blood is
  • Cross-match—deliver specific patient blood sample to blood bank to be paired with most similar blood stock
  • Transport blood from remote mobile blood drives to main blood bank


  • Multi-location physician groups may require Inter-facility deliveries to transport lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, light supplies/equipment, inter-office mail and medical records between facilities that are part of or associated with the group practice
  • Large groups may operate in-house labs, pharmacies and other services that create additional delivery needs to service patients
  • Most of the lab samples that leave a doctor office go to a national laboratory or local hospital’s out-reach lab in which the lab pays for the transporting. Sometimes, however, samples need to go to the state health department or a specialty hospital lab, like Children’s Hospital or National Jewish Hospital, which the doctor office or clinic may take responsibility for the transporting of the sample.


  • Vet Labs
    • Same as medical labs, but pick-ups would come from veterinary offices/clinics
  • Veterinarians
    • Senders of lab tests, organs or whole animals from autopsies
  • Animal Testing Facilities
    • Lab samples from the forest service, fish and game agencies and dairy processors/meat packers and deliver them to the testing lab to determine if the animal had any diseases like chronic wasting disease

Other Health Organizations

  • Radiology/MRI
    • Transporting of x-rays. CDs of and imaging records from the radiologist to/from the patient’s doctor
  • Surgical centers
  • Dental Labs
    • Similar to medical labs, but pick-ups would come from dental offices.
    • Samples include x-rays, jaw/teeth molds
    • Retuned items could be retainers, night guards, teeth whitening molds
  • Crime Labs
  • Prison Clinics
    • The same kinds of tests, records transfers, and x-rays that a typical doctor office would deal with.

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Customer Examples

  • Clinical Laboratories
    • Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), Since 1997
    • Quest Diagnostics, Since 1995
    • ARUP, Since 2001
  • Hospitals
    • Billings Clinic, Montana, Since 2005
    • Centura Health, Colorado, Since 200
    • Mercy Medical Center, Portland, Maine, Since 2014
    • St Alphonsus, Idaho, Since 2014
    • St Luke's, Idaho, Since 2014
    • Tennova, Knoxville, Tennessee, Since 2007
  • Public Health Departments
    • Montana State Public Health Lab, Since 2005
    • Wyoming State Public Health Lab, Since 2014
  • Pharmacies
    • Amerisource Bergen, Since 2004
    • Cardinal Health, Since 2004
    • McKesson, Since 2010
    • Pharmerica, Since 1998
    • PharmCareUSA, Since 2014
  • Blood Banks
    • American Red Cross, Since 2003
    • Bonfils Blood, Since 2000
    • United Blood Service, Since 2002
  • Doctors/Clinics
    • Colorado Springs Health Partners (120 physicians), Since 2001
  • Veterinary
    • Colorado State University Diagnostic Vet Lab
    • Veterinarian Research & Consulting Service(VRCS)
    • Alameda East Vet (Division of VCA Antech, Inc.)
  • Other Health Organizations
    • Eurofins (food safety testing), Tomah, WI Since Dec 2013