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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes NGL unique?
The unmatched diversity of NGL's service offerings allows our customers to optimize how they service each of their key audiences. From shipping raw materials to full e-commerce, customers get an integrated approach that enhances their competitive edge and operational efficiencies. Combine our years of operational experience with our unrivaled state-of-the-art IT systems in the industry and it's easy to see why we continue to be the market leader.
How does NGL offer best-in-breed service across all of its service offerings?
Our customers benefit from having immediate support from subject matter experts across multiple fields who, working as a team, allow you to receive the best solution(s) for your challenges.
What role does technology play in NGL's success?
NGL technology has the back end systems to collect data and drive information to the front end interface, giving our customers the reliability, visibility, and pro-active communication their customers demand. This allows our customer service team and customers alike the resources to make informed decisions to impact their revenue, risk, and market share.
How do I check the status of an order I have placed?
Orders may be tracked from the NGL website under the "Track Packages" box on the side panel.
What are some examples of standard reports that I can view online?
NGL has several standard reports that are available online in real-time. Some of these include: On-Time Performance, Inventory On-Hand, Billing, and Inbound and Outbound Transaction. We can also create custom reports for our clients based on specific needs.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.
Whom should I contact if I have a question about an invoice received?
You may contact a representative in NGL's Accounts Payable Department at 866-938-1870, option 4 or email [email protected].



What is an NFO?
Next Flight Out (also known as Same Day Air or Air Courier service) is an on-demand service offering the fastest way to transfer time-critical products by air to their destination. By definition, shipments sent by NFO will literally be on the "next (available) flight out" of your city. In most cases, NFO can get your shipment to its destination within one day. Since shipments travel by air, there are some weight and size restrictions when shipping NFO.
Why would I want to use NGL vs one of the other NFO providers in the space?
Network Global Logistics pioneered the next flight out (NFO) industry back in 1971 and continues to innovate in the space to this day. We offer a customized online platform specifically designed for mission-critical delivery. NGL maintains the highest levels of on-time service in the industry with the lowest failure rate, coupled with a strict focus on customer service. NGL offers the latest technology providing the best visibility and tracking tools in the market place that will predicatively track the life of your NFO order. With services that range from big box retail consolidation programs, to service part logistic solutions, there isn't anything NGL can't do for you.
How quickly can my shipments be delivered?
It depends, how quickly do you NEED it delivered? NGL designs custom SOP's around some of the strictest service level agreements in the industry. Whether there is a patient on a table and a medical device needs to be delivered within 90 minutes, or marketing material that needs to be delivered next day, NGL will customize a solution around your specific needs.
Does NGL manage their own mission-critical transportation (i.e. drives and NFOs) or do you use another company for this service?
NGL manages all drives and flights – this is not outsourced to a separate company. We are in direct communication with our airline partners, and in many markets we are also in direct communication with the drivers. We measure on-time performance per job and the performance reports are posted on our website for our customers to see at any time.
What happens if there are delays in Express Transportation service or I do not like the quality of service you deliver?
NGL proactively notifies customers if delays occur. Our Global Control Center service team is available 24/7/365. Customer Solutions Consultants are prepared to respond to most service issues as they arise. Escalated issues may be directed to the on-duty lead or supervisor, or emailed to [email protected].


Service Parts & Warehousing:

If I stock parts with NGL in FSLs in different countries, will I be able to view my parts in these FSLs from one system?
Yes. NGL offers a global platform. You can place orders and have full visibility for parts in Paris, France the same as you would for parts in Denver, Colorado.
How do I limit or reduce my need for NFO services?
You can reduce NFO services by establishing a service parts logistics program. By strategically storing inventory in Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) near your customers, you can significantly reduce the amount of air expedite (NFO) and still be able to meet even the strictest of service level agreements (SLAs) which can be delivered at a moment's notice.
What combination of services does NGL offer?
NGL is the only full-service logistics provider who offers a diverse suite of services, including NFO, Ground Courier, Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) along with the ability to provide larger scale warehousing and distribution services, all under one roof. By combining several different services under the same provider, companies are able to operate more efficiently and economically.
Can NGL improve my overall service levels vs other similar providers in the space?
Yes. With NGL's extensive amount of experience in the mission-critical logistics field, combined with our significant investments in the most innovative and latest technology platforms, there is no other provider that is better equipped to help you improve your current service levels.
I need help determining where I need to stock my parts, can NGL assist with this?
Yes. NGL can do a mapping analysis, based on an end-user install base and desired SLA (Service Level Agreement), which will determine which FSLs are needed.
How do I determine the best single location in the US for distribution to all my customers?
There are a number of things that should be considered when addressing the most optimal location to place a distribution center: Where are your customers located? What service levels have you committed to your customers? Are your customers international, or just domestic United States? Contact us and we will assist you in identifying the most efficient distribution set up for your specific business, based on our extensive amount of experience helping companies optimize their supply chain.
Is there a way to optimize my inventory carry costs, vs my time to market, vs my transportation spend?
Optimizing supply chains and driving bottom line growth for our customers is what NGL does best. It's why we have established a broad array of services, allowing us to evaluate the entire supply chain and structure it in a way to help you accomplish the best possible balance between reducing costs and improving speed to market.

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