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Network Global Logistics Further Invests in Global Call Center Technology to Enhance Best in Class Customer Experience

Broomfield, CO – March 4, 2009 : Network Global Logistics (NGL), a premier provider of mission-critical transportation and supply chain solutions, announced today that it is in the process of upgrading its phone system for its Global Call Center, based in Broomfield, CO.

The new phone system combines a robust communication platform, automated call distribution (ACD) technology, and web-based applications for streamlining call center management, resulting in greater flexibility, expanded capacity, and improved failover protection.

“The new system offers knowledge-based routing so that we can quickly and efficiently match callers with the customer solutions consultant that is best able to help them system wide. It also allows call center managers real time global visibility and offers us rapid flexibility to adjust operations immediately as call volume dictates,” Beth Smith, Manager of Call Center Operations, affirmed.

While the Global Call Center functions as the single point of contact for all customer inquiries, the new system routes calls to NGL’s local offices to effectively provide global call center quality and efficiency while maintaining key local knowledge and the personal touch NGL’s customers have come to appreciate.

“These features provide us with the ability to continually improve customer service levels and to exceed our customers’ expectations. In today’s difficult economic climate, it is vitally important for us to make investments that build on our outstanding customer acquisition and retention record,” Smith added.

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