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We understand the importance of getting it right

Expedited handling for your most urgent deliveries

When failure is not an option, time is short, value is important and overnight delivery isn’t an option, you need same day air and associated same day delivery services by NGL. We know the success or failure of same day service can have a significant impact on your business. That’s why we’re so careful and thorough.

The leader in same day air courier services

Count on NGL to quickly pick up your urgent package and get it moving immediately, any day of the year - including weekends and holidays. We’ll charter aircraft if necessary. For packages that cannot be left unattended, we will provide a trained on-board courier to ensure your package is monitored at all times from pick-up until delivery.

Network Global Logistics is your best choice for same day air service because we deliver an unequaled combination of:

  • Experience. We pioneered next flight out services in the early 1970s and have remained at the forefront of mission-critical expedited transportation. We’ve mastered domestic and international same day air service. We’re prepared for any contingency.
  • Exceptional performance. Our order processing accuracy and on-time shipping levels consistently top the industry and we can prove it.
  • Advanced systems and services. Our same day air customers benefit from our efficient internal tracking systems as well our rich web services for online ordering, real-time visibility into delivery progress, proactive notification and custom reporting.
  • Industry-specific expertise. We work closely with leading companies in aerospace, medical supplies and services, electronics, manufacturing, ecommerce and more. With NGL you’re getting a same day courier that’s familiar with the needs and circumstances of your particular industry. That’s important.
  • Comprehensive solutions. From same day local to same day air, NGL can handle all your transport and logistics needs. Our worldwide strategic warehousing network ensures that we can handle key supply chain challenges like service parts logistics and spares logistics.

**This is a US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulated service that requires screening consent.  Your use of this service constitutes your consent to this requirement.**

We do international NFO like nobody else

Network Global Logistics is your best choice for international NFO service because we:

  • Have long been the expedited transport service of choice for dynamic companies in aerospace, electronics, medical, manufacturing, entertainment and more.
  • Can prove our accuracy and on-time performance record is one of the best.
  • Created a global network composed of physical infrastructure, enduring partnerships and employee know-how.
  • Empower our international NFO customers with rich web services that support online orders, real-time track-and-trace, proof-of-delivery acquisition, reporting and other capabilities.
  • Built an experienced, friendly, in-house professional support team available 24x7/365.

When the stakes are highest, choose the right partner

If it’s urgent enough to send International NFO, choose wisely. Keep the following in mind when making this important business decision:

  • Reliability. Look for a long and strong track record, an established base of high-powered customers and a willingness to divulge on-time performance numbers.
  • International reach. Does your potential partner have a truly global network in place? Does it possess deep experience in managing the complexities of time-urgent global delivery across multiple time zones?
  • Web services. Does the provider empower you with web-based services such as the ability to initiate orders online or to track and trace deliveries in real time?

**This is a US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulated service that requires screening consent.  Your use of this service constitutes your consent to this requirement.**

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